Infusion Therapy
At Home In your office At your Parties In our Lounge

Welcome to InfuseCare.

Here at InfuseCare, our team of licensed healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing a safe, relaxing environment to enhance your health.

Benefits of IV Therapy
Detox Relieving Stress Strengthening Immunity Improving Skin Combatting Fatigue Optimising Hydration Healthy Weight Loss

Why should I receive IV? I can just take vitamins orally.

Delivering nutrients and vitamins directly to the bloodstream means a purer solution is more readily available for your body’s absorption and starts circulating around your body immediately. This is not only more efficient in terms of bioavailability but time effective too. Taking vitamins orally means the solutions must travel through the digestive system which can diminish the quality of ingredients your body absorbs. Also the ingredients offered via IV are not completely available orally OTC so you would have exclusive access to nutrients and vitamins to improve your health functions at InfuseCare.

Customize your InfuseCare with our


Wellbeing Bundles


Increase hydration and combat fatigue


Give your immune system a boost to fight off illnesses


Offers overall total health benefits such as promoting anti-aging, boosting immune system, combats chronic fatigue and more


Boost your metabolism and burn fat to feel more energized


Minimize irritability, lower back pain, bloating and abdominal discomfort


Increase mental clarity and combat the effects of ageing


Enhance your strength and decrease recovery time


Fight tired skin, wrinkles and skin imperfections


Relieve headache, dehydration and nausea


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1. Select your Drip
Look through our Wellbeing bundles and make your choices you need to create a healthier you
2. Book appointment
Book your appointment online for your convenience and await confirmation via message/email.
3. Consultation
A licensed provider will provide a consultation prior to your appointment paying attention to any medical history or health complaints to ensure the services you’ve requested will be beneficial to your health
4. Receive IV Drip
A licensed practitioner will administer your hypertonic solution(s) over the required amount of time in the comfort of your home or our clinic.

Infusion Therapy At Home

InfuseCare offers Infusion Therapy in the comfort of your home. We send a Registered Nurse and all equipment to deliver your selected infusions while you enjoy your favourite shows or catch up on work. Why disrupt your day? Get healthy while staying relaxed with InfuseCare.

We keep our community safe

Our commitment to providing a safe and reliable environment for you to receive care is all the more important to us during this time.

  • Pre-appointment declarations
  • E-Check In
  • Restricting appointments
  • Restricting visitors
  • Masks mandatory for all persons inside the facility
  • Hand sanitizing stations positioned throughout
  • Screening and temperature checks for staff and patrons
  • Infection control policy introduces hourly sanitizing of common areas